A rafting adventure

I was strong-armed into rafting on the Colorado river
Last Updated 03 April 2022, 22:20 IST

This incident happened way back in 2008, when we were residing in Michigan, US. We had planned to visit the neighbouring state for a relaxing weekend. On our way back, my husband spotted a signboard that said “rafting adventure on the Colorado river”. Immediately, a decision was made by my 5-year-old daughter and my husband. My weak resistance to fell on deaf ears. Before I could think of any excuses to stay away from the river, tickets were purchased and we were on the raft on one of the most famous waterways.

Only when we were on the raft had I realised that none of us knew how to swim. This very thought and the sight of the rushing river gave me jitters. I had also assumed that there would be sufficient guidance from the boatman. Only when we were aboard the raft did I realise that there would be absolutely no assistance and we were to steer the raft by ourselves.

Well! The roller coaster natural water ride had started and there was absolutely no turning back. I started panicking and wondered how the other two got me involved in this situation. They seemed confident and looked forward to a fantastic ride.

I could hardly do anything with the raft’s oar as I was not prepared for the adventure. I hugged my daughter tightly as she tried to wriggle out of my grip. No sooner had I spotted an inverted raft with two people on board, when my husband gave out a shout to be ready for the first swirl.

We were in quiet waters again and I could sense the spirit of adventure waning from the other two as well. As I let out a loud prayer, frantically looking for help in all directions, there came another ferocious water swirl. I closed my eyes and I am unsure what happened after that. My poor husband put up a brave front and steered the raft all the way down the river. The river was bordered by thick jungle on either side. For once, give the devil his due, because we reached our destination three hours later safely, only because of my better half. I thanked all our lucky stars. “Never in my life will I go rafting again; this would be my first and last adventure”, I had vowed then.

The story does not end there! When we started driving back home, my husband told us with a smirk that he had even spotted water snakes beneath our raft!

(Published 27 January 2021, 18:42 IST)

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