Soul succour

Soul succour

Life’s trying times had taken a terrible toll on her mental and physical well-being for a long period. It had been ruthless and unrelenting! All she yearned for was a kind look and a loving touch. Healing for both mind and body was an absolute necessity, but how? Yes, yoga it would be!

Research took her to an institute near home and she landed in class one fine day, curiosity writ large on her face. Little did she know then what destiny had in store for her in that clean, airy room for the next few months of her life.

He came and stood in front of the class — young, old, fat, slim, active and tired souls, all looking up to him for guidance towards a healthy and active life. “Good evening,” he said, quietly and confidently, with a smile so kind and gentle she had forgotten it even existed on this earth. Her heart thawed immediately and her insides — that had felt as heavy as lead for ages — became light. The simple prayer he recited with a powerful voice had her convinced that she was going nowhere from here for at least some time. A calmness engulfed her like someone had caressed her tormented soul with the gentlest touch ever.

The daily regimen of healthy exercises coupled with asanas and breathing techniques took her breath away. It had been an unbelievable rebirth in a wonderland she never knew she had led herself into! His tremendous energy, communicative eyes and unspoken words that conveyed so much were all part of her incredible process of healing. The feeling of being looked after by a soul so caring and with a great sense of humour when she bungled sometimes in following his instructions, made her feel like she had grown wings, ready to fly up, high and away, never to return. The farce that life had become now faded into oblivion!

In her quieter moments, she pondered over life, marriage, a soulmate...the usual questions. Had she ever loved anyone truly and unconditionally ever in her life? Not so far. But now, yes! A truly and totally deserving soul.

Confidence grew in leaps and bounds as he urged her to try new exercises and asanas. She breathed his classes day in, day out, incessantly taking it all in. The succour he had rendered her inner being was undoubtedly oblivious to him but the childlike enthusiasm he had for life had rubbed off on her and a new, exciting world had welcomed her into its fold. She had, in those few months, led the most beautiful phase of her life. In simple moments of kindness, concern and appreciation, he had truly been her “soul succour”!