Opportunist, directionless: BJP mocks AAP after Shazia resigns

Opportunist, directionless: BJP mocks AAP after Shazia resigns

Reacting on the resignation of AAP founder member Shazia Ilmi, the Delhi BJP termed the party as self serving and opportunist.

Party’s state unit chief and MP from Chandni Chowk constituency Harsh Vardhan said that the party is collapsing as it is exposed among people.

“History is witness of the fact that the party which grows by misleading people and with the help of cheap popularity meets such consequence,” said Harsh Vardhan in a statement.

“The party which had won 28 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections has failed to get even a single seat in Lok Sabha elections. This shows that nobody can fool the people of Delhi,” he added.


He accused the party of being directionless and undemocratic, which is leading to resignation of senior party members.

“The founder members of AAP Vinod Kumar Binny, Gopinath, Sagir Ahmad of Bareilly, Madhu Badhuri, Ashwani Upadhyay, Shazia Ilmi have resigned, which clearly indicates that there is a difference between prophecy and practice of AAP,” he added further.

Lashing out on party supremo Arvind Kejriwal over his denial to pay bail bond, he said, “The people of Delhi and the country have recognized the fact that the rule of law in India is supreme and nobody is above it. Any person who violates law will be punished by the judiciary.”

NaMo wave

Riding on the NaMo wave, the party leader claimed a formidable victory in possible assembly elections in the city.

“Whenever elections will be announced, BJP will contest all the 70 seats and form a public welfare, transparent and accountable government with the support of majority. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the country will create a new history of development, good governance and public welfare,” he added.