'Raise the standards of art films'

'Raise the standards of art films'

Veteram film maker and Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar stressed the need to produce art films rich in content and quality.

Inaugurating Alva’s Chitra Siri 2018 at Alva’s Education Foundation campus in Vidyagiri on Friday, he said that cinema is an art form and hence should encompass all qualities in an art form.

“Unfortunately, some art films made these days are deviating from its main purpose and significance of the film is diluted. This may be due to the influence of commercial films. There is a need to give a serious thought to the direction of art films. The standards should be raised to improve the quality in art films,” Nagathihalli said.

Critic and writer Na Da Shetty said film media has been an effective tool of social change and thus  should propagate good values besides highlighting the current issues.

He lauded the movies based on regional aspirations.

Kannada, Tulu and Konkani films were screened during ‘Chitra Siri’.