Real estate builder brutally murdered

Real estate builder brutally murdered

Shafique, the victim.

Real estate builder Shafique (42) from Panjarpet has been brutally murdered on Tuesday night. 

The police arrested three people in connection with the murder within a few minutes of the incident.

M Darshan, Tamilara Jeevan and Royal, labourers and residents of Kedamulluru village are the arrested.

Darshan was the partner of Shafique, the deceased, in real estate business and coffee trade. It is said that there was a difference of opinion between them on a financial matter.

Darshan and his companions Jeevan and Royal broke into the house of Shafique when he was alone and murdered him with lethal weapons. Later, they made a futile attempt to destroy the evidence.

A local resident who heard the victim screaming informed the police. The police rushed to the spot and nabbed the accused who were hiding inside the house.

One of the arrested, Tamilara Jeevan is also an accused in a murder that had taken place near Kodava Samaja seven years ago, the police said.

The weapons used for the murder have been seized.