Protest against pothole-ridden Kalasa Road

Protest against pothole-ridden Kalasa Road

People stage a protest against the pothole-ridden Kalasa-Kalakodu Road at Mahaveera Circle on Sunday.

Residents of various villages staged a protest for the repair of the Kalasa – Kalakodu Road by blocking the road on Sunday.

The protesters expressed their displeasure regarding the pathetic condition of the road.

They also blocked the vehicles near the Jain Basadi and the Rudrapada Road as a part of the protest, which went on for about one hour.

The citizens said that the pothole-ridden Kalasa – Kalakodu Road has been causing inconvenience to vehicle users.

“In spite of the release of grants for the development of the stretch, the officials are dilly-dallying over the commencement of the work to repair the road,” they complained.

Taluk Panchayat member Rafeeq, however, insisted that Rs 1 crore has been released for the development of the road. “The work will be taken up shortly,” he said and appealed to the protesters to drop the stir.

Zilla Panchayat member K R Prabhakar, who rushed to the spot of the protest, promised that the repair will be taken up on the road immediately.