Restrictions at Talacauvery irk devotees

Restrictions at Talacauvery irk devotees

Talacauvery, the origin of River Cauvery. DH File Photo

Devotees at Bhagamandala-Talacauvery temple have expressed their dissatisfaction against restrictions imposed on them by the temple’s management board.

Addressing reporters in the city on Friday, Bhagamandala villager and devotee Kudukuli Bharath said that the temple board has decided to immerse the ‘Agasthya Linga’ of the Talacauvery Kshetra in the sea on the pretext of ‘Dosha Nivarane’ (removal of faults).

“Talacauvery is an important shrine for devotees. The ‘Linga’, which is believed to be consecrated by Sage Agasthya at Talacauvery Kshetra, has been taken out from the earth by the temple committee, without asking the devotees.  Further, the committee’s decision to immerse the ‘Linga’ in the sea, has pained the devotees. Carrying out the rituals, as per the guidance of Tantri from Kerala, is creating confusions,” he

Bharath said the rituals related to the renovation of Talacauvery temple were held in 2004.

The faults in the temple were removed then. But, the new board is organising ‘Ashtamangala Prashne’ ritual once again. A struggle will be launched against the decision of the temple management board, he said.

He also charged that the temple committee has imposed restrictions for bathing in the Talacauvery pond and for performing ‘Kunkumarchane’ at Brahmakundike.

The temple management board does not have any right to bring modifications to the rituals being carried out from centuries. But the board has erected a fence around Brahmakundike hurting religious sentiments of devotees, he added.

Villagers T Vinod, Raju Rai, Kalana Ravi, Rajiv and Poonaccha were present in the press conference.