Robotic kidney transplant at Yenepoya Medical College

Robotic kidney transplant at Yenepoya Medical College

The doctors who performed the robotic kidney transplant.

The transplant doctors from Yenepoya Medical College Hospital Deralakatte, have successfully performed robotic kidney transplant. This is the second time in the country  where a robotic kidney transplant is done in Medical College.

Sathish (name changed), the sole bread winner of his family, consulted Nephrologist Dr Santhosh Pai at Yenepoya Medical College Hospital for generalised weakness and breathlessness. He was diagnosed to have renal failure. He was started on hemodialysis and was found to be a suitable candidate for renal transplant. Finding a donor was the next hurdle, which was fortunately overcome when his sister volunteered and turned out to be the perfect match.

Urologists Dr Mujeeburahiman, Dr Altaf Khan and Dr Nischith D’souza with their team planned and performed the procedure. Donor surgery was performed by laparoscopy and recipient surgery was performed with robot assistance.

Robotic surgery has several advantages over conventional open surgery. The surgeons have a clearer and magnified 3D operative field and as a result, human error is minimised. Blood loss during surgery is very less. Intra and postoperative complications are minimised. Since the incision is very small, postoperative recovery is quick and uneventful.
According to the transplant urologists, “The main advantage is that these patients are able to recover quickly”. Patients recovering from the traditional approach usually have several inactive weeks before they are able to resume regular activity, but patients who undergo robotic surgery only spend a couple of days to recover.

Though operating the hi-tech system requires a high level of expertise, the urologists from Yenepoya Medical College, Deralakatte, succeeded with the patient and donor being discharged within four days of surgery.

Yenepoya University finance director Farhad Yenepoya has appreciated the efforts of the doctors and promised to subsidise even Robotic Kidney Transplant for the needy.