Weird salamander that has been acting dead for 7 years

Meet this weird salamander that has been motionless for 7 years

Olm, Proteus anguinus (human fish) in the subterranean waters of Karst region in Slovenia. (iStock photo)

A cave-dwelling salamander, also known as Olm, has joined the list of most weird creatures in the world by not moving an inch for more than seven years.

According to New Scientist, the tiny animal, which somewhat resembles a lizard, has been lying at a spot motionless for over seven years.

"They are hanging around, doing almost nothing," Gergely Balazs at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary told New Scientist.

Just about a foot-long, salamanders reportedly live around 100 years, and most of these creatures spend their time doing nothing. Mostly found in dark areas, salamanders reportedly are blind.

Although these animals are known for being extremely lazy, this particular salamander has set a new record by doing nothing for seven years.

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