Shiroor seer death: Pejawar seer urge impartial probe

Shiroor seer death: Pejawar seer urge impartial probe

Shiroor Mutt seer Lakshmivara Theertha Swami

Pejawar Mutt seer Vishwesha Theertha Swami has demanded an impartial and high-level enquiry into the death of Shiroor Mutt seer Lakshmivara Theertha Swami.

Speaking to media persons, the senior seer said, “It is fine if police conduct an enquiry over the suspicious death of the seer.”

Replying to a query over the sanctity of other seers, he said that there are no such activities according to his knowledge, excluding the Shiroor Mutt seer. If at all something is found, he said he will be the first to take action against such seers.

He said that the appointment of a seer to the Shiroor Mutt will take some time as they have to find an eligible disciple who is well versed in the Mutt’s tradition and culture. It is not easy to find one. Until then, the Shiroor Mutt would be under Sode Vadiraj Mutt, he said.

The seer said that the constitution for the Mutts is possible only when all the seers agree to the rules and regulations. There are differences of opinion among the seers. The issues like flight travel and crossing the sea are all the main problems for the disagreement by the seers, he added.

He urged the seers like Kemaru Mutt seer and Santhosh Swami not to come up with irresponsible remarks.

Replying to another query on the absence of the Ashta Mutt seers during the last rites of the Shiroor Mutt seer, the Pejawar seer said, “There was a sort of hesitation among the seers as the late seer was banished from the Ashta mutts. They felt that taking part in his burial ceremony will not be appropriate,” he added.

He said he was not able to reach on time as he was in Hubbali.