Siddaramaiah accuses BJP of cheap political games

Siddaramaiah accuses BJP of cheap political games

Former chief minister and chairman of the Coalition Government Coordination Committee, Siddaramaiah, speaks to reporters at KLK helipad in Birur on Wednesday.

BJP which had failed to secure a clear mandate in the elections has been trying all diabolical games for past six months to destabilise the coalition government in the state, former chief minister and state coalition government coordination committee chairman Siddaramaiah said on Wednesday.

Siddaramaiah, who arrived at Kadur told reporters at the helipad on KLK ground in Birur, that the 77-year-old BJP state president Yeddyurappa’s single point agenda was to come to power.

“In a bid to achieve the goal he has been playing nauseating political games. He is now indulging in horse-trading by hijacking some MLAs to Haryana”, he ridiculed.

Yeddyurappa has been frequently claiming before the media that the BJP will be forming a government in the state, he added.

MLAs had been lured with crores of rupees. However, he will not be successful in his mission, he predicted.

“I request the media not to publish false statements and unrealistic claims made by Yeddyurappa,” Siddaramaiah appealed and added that many BJP MLAs were in close contact with Congress.

“But, we are not indulging in the horse trade,” he clarified.

While participating in a condolence meet in Kadur, Siddaramaiah said BJP was given the mandate to sit in opposition benches. Even though the state was hit by drought, BJP leaders were not highlighting the hardship of farmers. Senior BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had been constantly hatching conspiracies to destabilise the coalition government.

The BJP, which speaks on corruption-free India, has been indulging in horse-trading in Karnataka. Siddaramaiah sought to know the source of the money being utilised to lure MLAs.

“The filthy trend was launched in Karnataka by the BJP. But coalition government is least bothered about BJP’s strategies,” he said shrugging his shoulders.

When asked about his close aid Ramesh Jarkiholi being in Mumbai, Siddaramaiah shot back, “Is there any ban on Ramesh Jarkiholi from visiting Mumbai? The entire issue is a hoax built by the media. Rahul Gandhi has not directed four ministers to resign so that the disgruntled MLAs could be offered ministerial berths. The ministers have voluntarily stepped down,” he clarified.