Apple's Rs 1,900 'cleaning cloth' has internet in splits

Last Updated 20 October 2021, 11:39 IST

Apple recently unveiled a number of new products to its lineup, including a new MacBook lineup with a powerful in-house developed chip, new AirPods and updates to its Final Cut Pro media editing suite.

One thing other than these technological and software marvels that Apple unveiled...was a cloth. More specifically, a cleaning cloth stamped with the Apple logo and "made with soft, non-abrasive material". According to Apple, the 'Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively'.

The Polishing Cloth is also priced at Rs 1,900 (or $19 if you're in the US), and if that wasn't strange enough, the store page even offers EMI options for purchasing it.

While the jury on the effectiveness of the Apple Polishing Cloth is still out, netizens just couldn't get enough of the price tag and memed their way with it all the way to the bank - just like Apple might with the cloth.

"The most Apple thing ever."

Surely you wouldn't trade likes for a cloth?

The chip shortage claims a new victim - fabrics to clean displays.

Reinventing the cloth, one Apple device at a time.

Guess iPhone 5 users are getting the short end of the deal with the Polishing Cloth since the store page doesn't say it's 'compatible' with the device.

(Published 20 October 2021, 11:39 IST)

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