Google Camera Go app for budget phones gets HDR mode

Google Camera Go app for budget phones gets HDR mode

Google Camera app is one of the best photography apps in the Android ecosystem but was limited to mid-range and higher-end models. 

Later, the search engine giant introduced the special Camera Go for budget phones with bare minimum hardware. This greatly enhanced the user experience and also enabled devices to take good quality pictures.

In October, Google introduced Night mode to the Camera Go app, further improving the photography capabilities of the budget mobiles in a low-light environment. Now, it has gone a step further with HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode.

With HDR, phones will be able to get fantastic images with more detail by widening the exposure range. It will make the phone's camera to take multiple photos taken with different exposures and fuse them together revealing more and sharper details of the scene.

Rest assured, the photos taken on budget phones with Google Camera Go app will have near-accurate colours of the subject be it in the dark and bright sunlight.

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