International Cat Day: 8 cat myths debunked

International Cat Day: 8 cat myths debunked

Representative image. Credit: iStock

International Cat Day or World cat day is celebrated on August 8th every year.  The day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, to celebrate the feline. On this day, cat owners across the world share photos of their pets on social media.

Many myths surround cats, especially around their behaviour. Here are some of the top cat myths, debunked:

Cats are not friendly and do not enjoy cuddles

The myth that cats hate cuddles has become perpetuated for many years, so much so that people who want a friendly pet do not seek to adopt a cat. Since most people are familiar with the overly affectionate nature of dogs, they tend to expect the same kind of cues from cats.

Cats do not require care and grooming

While cats can be self-sufficient creatures, they still require consistent care. The independent nature of cats is often misunderstood to a point where people who do not have the resources to care for a dog adopt a cat instead. Cats get separation anxiety too. Their method of expression may not be the same as that of dogs but that does not mean they do not require attention.

Cats can see in total darkness

While cats can see in the dark reasonably well, they are unable to see in absolute darkness.

Cats must drink cows milk for good health

While cats enjoy drinking milk, they are not required to drink it except when they are kittens.  In fact, milk is not good for the health of many cats, as some of them turn lactose intolerant after weaning.

Cats are unfriendly with other cats 

Cat relationships are much more complicated than they are made out to be. Cats that have been raised together are often friendly. How happy cat relationships are depends on the availability of food and resources. Cats may resent each other when there is a scarcity of food and they feel compelled to compete for it.

Cats stay up at night 

Cats are not necessarily nocturnal animals. In fact, they are crepuscular i.e., they are active during the twilight hours.

Purring means a cat is happy

While cats purr when they are happy, they also do so when uncomfortable or in pain.

Cats land on their feet

The myth that a cat will always land on its feet has become so popular that it is now a meme. Due to their ‘righting reflex’, cats have the ability to orient themselves. However, this does not mean they always land on their feet. Therefore, cat owners must take preventive measures like keeping windows closed to prevent their beloved pets from getting injured.

While all these myths have been debunked, we can neither confirm nor deny that cats have nine lives.