'Agencies should coordinate ahead of roadworks'

'Agencies should coordinate ahead of roadworks'

Footpaths too are being removed by multiple agencies

KPTCL dig the road at various spots on the TenderSure Residency Road to lay underground cables. Credit: DH Photo

TenderSURE roads were to last for a minimum of 20 years without the need for digging and repairs. However, these roads, built at a much higher cost per kilometre, have already started to be dug up. Footpaths too are being removed by multiple agencies. Since the smart city roads also follow the same design, what planning loopholes need to be filled, what compromises are being made both in design and execution and how these can be addressed? DH takes a deep dive into the issue.

Vijay C, a resident of Ramamurthy Nagar has this to say regarding the digging of roads: “Many of us may have seen that roads take a while to be laid in certain areas of the city. After that, there will be electricity, water, sewage or some utility work which will ruin the road that can take anywhere from few months to years to be laid again. Hence, what is necessary is not just a grand vision for the city, but also an integrated urbanisation plan with all the concerned bodies on it along with the important pressure groups to make sure the funds for development take place in an efficient and less disruptive manner to all peoples. It could save a lot of money and time for the public.”

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He suggests that the plastic waste could be recycled to build roads, which can partially solve the city’s waste disposal issue. “I don’t know how prevalent corruption is in the road development sector, but however much there is it must be cracked down and developers must be held accountable for project completion delays and cost escalations.”

Zaina Khan a resident of Koramangala said: “Digging of the TenderSURE roads by multiple agencies has seen the last straw that causes discomfort to citizens of Bengaluru. It takes a lot more time for such roads to get constructed and these roads are again dug multiple times for several reasons. It would be advisable for all agencies to come together during the time of construction for better precision and execution of work.”

Karnataka is one of the states which has the highest road tax in India. Rajasurya M Nambiar who is staying at Indiranagar said: “After paying road tax they are not providing good roads. Some roads are good in Bengaluru but the others are in the worst situation.”

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Nambiar finds it difficult to drive through Market Road and Indiranagar and many other places in the city due to traffic, narrow road, metro work and digging of the road for laying telephone line. He further said: “The most annoying part is that these people start a road work and they won’t end fast... Either they will be doing the metro work or any other related works and they simply dig big holes or canals which are dangerous at night and certain places do not have the warning sign.”

Sijo C, a research scholar, said that the assimilation of all the PWD (Public Works Department) agencies is required when building TenderSURE roads. Government should ensure better planning that will be cost-efficient and that won’t require constant maintenance.

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