Truck drivers turn photographers, shake up Instagram

Truck drivers turn photographers, shake up Instagram

Truck drivers turn photographers, capturing breathtaking visuals, adding meaning and excitement to their otherwise dreary journeys.

Ever envied a truck driver, caught in dreary, days-long journeys across the countryside? Now, imagine them as photographers halting at exotic locales enroute, capturing breathtaking visuals and uploading them on Instagram! 

Yes, this is precisely what 5,500 drivers nationwide have done, shaking up Instagram with over 13,000 picture uploads. Participating in big numbers for the 'Photo OK Please' contest arranged by Tata Motors, the drivers have just unleashed their hitherto unseen but exciting side of trucking. 

If an Instagram picture can get you insta-fame while doing an otherwise boring job, why not try? This thought got the drivers clicking. They routinely passed through unique, unseen stretches that a wannabe traveller would die for. But their 'work' did not go beyond the road ahead, the steering wheel and a wayside eatery.

The contest acknowledged this: “The drivers get to pass by unique and unseen stretches of India as a regular part of their profession. This makes them privileged in a manner unknown to them and the contest helps them realize their reach and boosts their confidence and contentment in what they do.”

To keep the contest fever alive, a daily winner and a weekly winner are picked and rewarded. Pictures submitted by the winners have their names, individual photos and truck model numbers inscribed with location details. These are then posted on social media to enhance their recognition.

But the rewards go beyond social media shout-outs. The topper and the runner up get family holiday packages worth Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 40,000 respectively, and the third prize is a smartphone worth Rs. 25,000.

The unique contest had the drivers dive deep into territory 'photography' with a new found verve. Satish from Karnataka turned to the beachside, capturing the serenity of dusk. Bengalurean Karan Patel added meaning to his hill-side trips as driver Heimonni from Guwahati found beauty in the hair-pin bends. 

Beyond Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp also feature the 'Photo OK Please' visuals. The contest also has a multi-lingual website interface to get interested drivers registered, and announce the winners.