Vividbooks: AR app that turns science into infotainment

Vividbooks: AR app that turns science into infotainment

Augmented Reality (AR)-based games like Pokemon beautifully blend virtual and real-world to offer an interactive and enriching experience, very distinct from generic 2D entertainment apps.

Similarly, Vividbooks app developed by Czech Vitek Skop is betting big on AR to turn sombre science topics into fun and immersive experience for kids.

During the interaction with the DH at the event hosted by Bengaluru ByDesign at Bangalore International Centre, Skop said he created a sample AR app as part of his study project and eventually led to the creation of  Vividbooks.

Vividbooks creator Vitek Skop (DH Photo/Rohit KVN)

How Vividbooks works:
You just have to download Vividbooks apo on the Apple iPad. The application has a vast database of physics topics such as Newton's laws of motion, rotational effects of force, friction, mechanical properties of liquids, gases and more. 

The user should take a printout of the relevant copies; then, open the iPad and point at them, the experiments come to life with colourful rendition with voice and actions, which explain the concepts with clarity. This will help students get a better understanding of complex science topics. 

Czech Republic-based Skop has created a Grade 7 Physics book, which has been adopted by several schools in Europe.  He has finished working on Grade 8 and is expected to be released soon. Also, it is available only on the Apple App Store.

AR-based teaching on the steam engine on Vividbooks app (DH Photo/Rohit KVN)

This is a handy app for teachers and parents, who can help children develop a genuine interest in science subjects.

The Vividbooks is likely to get good traction, particularly in India, wherein most students have been following rote learning method, which causes them to lose interest in the pure science subjects. 

For now, Vividbooks is limited to Physics, but Skop has plans to work on other science topics of Chemistry and Biology. 

AR-based interactive teaching on the motorbike engine (DH Photo/Rohit KVN)

Also, Skop said that he is interested to collaborate with Indian schools and teachers to develop a syllabus for local children.

Besides the Bangalore Internation Center, Bengaluru ByDesign's event is being hosted at Titan Campus, Electronic City, Workbench Projects, Ulsoor, CoWorks, Residency Road amongst others from November 15 to November 24.

The 10-day design programme is said act as a platform to showcase local and global innovation in design.

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