Fixing of matches in sports not a new phenomena: Jahangir Khan

Fixing of matches in sports not a new phenomena: Jahangir Khan

"Several times I was contacted by the bookmakers when I was at the peak of my career and was winning matches," Jahangir told the media in here.

"They offered me huge amounts of money, which could be considered very good at that time because the prize money in squash was not very lucrative in those days. They wanted me to lose matches but every time I told them to get lost," Jahangir added.

The former 10-time British Open winner and six times World Champion said that his conscience never allowed him to deliberately lose matches or even a single game in his entire career.

"The offers were at their best when I remained unbeaten for five years," he recalled.
"Whatever I am today it is because of my country and my people and I could never even think of letting them down. That is why today when I hear and read about the fixing allegations in cricket and other sports it saddens me."

Jahangir added that the menace of fixing was nothing new in any sport and from time to time he had heard about such things in other countries as well.

"People will always be greedy," said Jahangir.Meanwhile, he applauded the induction of his biggest rival and former champion Jansher Khan in the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) but said it would not have any impact on the sport in the country.

"It will bring about no changes because in Pakistan there is a need to work selflessly for squash as individuals and it is not necessary to get positions in the federation."
Jahangir said that the pinnacle of success squash had seen in the time of former PSF President, Air Marshal Nur Khan is unprecedented because he took very good care of the players and treated champions like champions