Maharashtra lift overall title

Yasin Khan-Munesh Kumar clinch coxless pair gold on final day

Maharashtra’s Tejash Shinde and Gurupreet Singh (right) power to the gold in the double scull event. DH PHOTO

The Maharashtra boys conquered all the four gold that were on offer to lift the men’s title with 20 points, while the girls contributed three additional points to help win the overall crown at the Ulsoor lake.

Orissa girls, who took home two gold and a silver, bagged the women’s title after finishing with 14 points.

Yasin Khan and Munesh Kumar signalled the start of gold rush for Maharashtra by winning the coxless pair event in convincing fashion.

Pitted against an equally good Punjab pair of Rakesh Raliya and Gurubachan and an energetic Orissa duo of Rakesh Singh and Ashit Kujur, the Maharastra lads faced stiff competition from their opponents for nearly 600 metres before Yasin and Munesh pulled off all the stops in the remaining 400 metres to win the race, clocking 2:59.79.

Tejash Shinde and Gurpreet Singh then made it back-to-back gold after winning the double scull event. Trailing behind leaders Madhya Pradesh’s Vikas Manjhi and Rana Pratap almost by a boat-length at the half-way stage, the Maharashtra rowers pressed the accelerator to take a 10-metre lead within the next 100 metres and maintained the intensity to complete a fine win.

Sriganesh Shingade captured the single scull gold while the quartet of Yasin Khan, Palendra Singh, Sumer Singh and Munesh Kumar took home the coxless four title.

Results (all finals): Men: Single scull: Sriganesh Shingade (Maharastra) 2:59.79, 1; Mandeep Singh (Punjab) 3:01.41, 2; Hemba Singh (Madhya Pradesh) 3:01.83, 3. Double scull: Maharastra (Tejash Shinde, Gurpreet Singh) 2:41.47, 1; Madhya Pradesh (Vikas Manjhi, Rana Pratap) 2:46.26, 2; Kerala (Aneesh Kumar A, Arun Kumar MR), 2:53.43, 3. Coxless pair: Maharashtra (Yasin Khan, Munesh Kumar) 2:39.84, 1; Punjab (Rakesh Raliya, Gurubachan) 2:44.59, 2; Orissa (Rakesh Singh, Ashit Kujur) 2:49.46, 3.
Coxless four: Maharashtra (Yasin Khan, Palendra Singh, Sumer Singh, Munesh Kumar) 2:26.42, 1; Punjab (Ravishankar Tiwari, Vikas Ranjan Mishra, Rakesh R, Gurubachan) 2:33.99, 2; Kerala (Akil H, Dhanish Krishnan G, Saju S, Prasanth P Nair) 2:38.71, 3.
Women: Single scull: Dittymol Varghese (Kerala) 3:22.36, 1; Monalisa Chanu (Madhya Pradesh) 3:24.89, 2; Mennanadhuri Toppo (Orissa) 3:27.87, 3. Double scull: Kerala (Thara Kurian, Dittymol Varghese) 3:01.92, 1; Orissa (Moirangthem Amussane Devi, Meenamadhuri T) 3:03.22, 2; Punjab (KM Saravjit Kaur, Mandeep Kaur) 3:32.70, 3. Coxless pair: Orissa (Pramila Prava Minz, Pratima Puhana) 3:11.33, 1; Manipur (Kh Debala Devi, S Zingraphy) 3:24.76, 2; Tamil Nadu (Fazila Hussain, Shruti Satish Kamath) 3:28.31, 3.
Coxless four: Orissa (Debasmita Sethy, Pratima Puhana, Pramila PM, Mitali Sekhar Deo) 2:51.68, 1; Tamil Nadu (Fazila H, Pooja Balu, Sankavi P, Shruti SK) 2:57.64, 2; Kerala (Nithya Joseph, Chippy Kurian, Nimmy MT, Neethumol GS) 3:00.33.
Overall championship: Maharashtra (23 points) . Men: Maharashtra (20 pts). Women: Orissa (14 pts).

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