Stamp exhibition on Jainism lauded

Stamp exhibition on Jainism lauded

A view of the saplings of the trees under which Theerthankaras attained Moksha.

A stamp exhibition on Jainism organised as part of Mahamastakabhisheka in Dharmasthala was lauded by visitors.

The exhibition was held by Padmanabha Jain, a teacher at SDM Kannada medium school. He exhibited a collection of over 90 stamps.

Jain has been collecting stamps for many years. Added to stamps, he has also exhibited photographs of the stamps. Special covers released during Mahamastakabhishekas held across the country, finds a special place in Jain’s exhibition. The stamp of ‘Saurashtra state’ released on October 18, 1929 and priced less than 3 paisa was the star attraction at the exhibition.

A postal cover released by India Post in memory of Prof Dr Jagadish Chandra Jain also finds a place in the collection. The exhibition includes postal covers that were released during the previous Mahamastakabhishekas organised in Dharmasthala.

Theerthankara Vana

An exhibition of saplings of trees under which the 24 Theerthankaras of Jainism attained moksha was another centre of attraction. Branches and saplings of these holy trees were collected in Agumbe forest and Theerthankara Vana at Naravi. The saplings of the tree under which Theerthankaras attained moksha from Adinatha Theerthankara to Mahaveera are exhibited.

The first Theerthankara Adinatha Swamy attained moksha under “Vatavriksha”. The 12th Theerthankara Vasupoojya attained moksha under “Kadambavruksha” and the last Theerthankara Mahaveera under “Shalmali Vruksha”.