Bellary sizzles at 40 deg Celsius

Bellary sizzles at 40 deg Celsius

Summer is just beginning, but Bellary is already blazing. The district registered a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius on Monday and the temperature is set to soar in the coming days, a Meteorological Department report said.

An elderly man pushes a cart with empty pots on Station Road in Hospet of Bellary district on a sunny Monday afternoon. DH Photo

If the heat is so unbearable in mid-February, one can imagine the plight of the people in the district during March, April and May.

Bellary, which has a reputation for its soaring temperatures, is commonly referred to as having just two seasons — summer and extreme summer. This summer is no exception.

According to the Meteorological Department’s report, Bellary will experience one of the hottest summers in a century this season.

Water crisis

Due to failure of rains this year, the State government has declared all the seven taluks in the district drought-hit.

As water is supplied through Tunga Bhadra reservoir, Bellary, Hospet and Siruguppa taluks do not suffer from water crisis. However, Kudligi, Sandur, Hoovinadagali and Hagaribommanahalli taluks may face severe water scracity this year.

Several villages in the district are already reeling under power shortage and poor maintenance of pumpsets. As the temperature soars, power supply becomes irregular, thus accentuating the water problem, said a development officer with Bellary Taluk Panchayat.

Water in tankers

To tide over the crisis, the district administration has decided to supply water to villages in tankers. However, the State government should evince more interest in tackling water crisis in villages where the groundwater table has been depleting dangerously, said Zilla Panchayat member Bheema Naik.

“Undertaking repair of borewells and pumpsets will ensure regular water supply. This will provide considerable relief to villagers,” said Vasanth Manavi, Zilla Panchayat member from Hirehadagali.