Bengaluru: Gang grows ganja under LED light, 3 arrested

Bengaluru: Gang grows ganja under LED light, 3 arrested

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The Central Crime Branch (CCB) sleuths have arrested three persons on the charge of growing marijuana in pots using LED lights in an apartment in Kengeri, Bengaluru.

The arrested have been identified as Amarthya Rishi (23), Mangal Mukya (30) both from Bihar and Aditya Kumar Ajmera (21) of Hosakerehalli.

City police commissioner Bhaskar Rao said that the accused had ordered marjuana seeds and other narcotic drugs from a dark website (a website not indexed by the search engine) from The Netherlands using TAR browser.

The first accused Amarthya Rishi is studying BBM in Jain University and staying in MBR Shangri La apartment in Kengeri. Following a tip-off, Anti Narcotic Wing of CCB raided the flat and made the arrests. Pots used for growing marijuana, 225 LSD strips, two kg marijuana and cash of Rs 10,200, three mobile phones, computers, were seized from the flat.

Rishi used to cut the plant after it grew to a certain height. Mangal Mukya and Adithya Kumar were selling the banned substance to private firm employees, students and software engineers. They were leading a lavish

It can be recalled that 15days ago the CCB arrested Atif Salim who was peddling hydro ganja, a highly-processed variety of marijuana that he had procured from a Canadian drug cartel. Their marketplace was Dark Net. The communication happened through Wickr Me, an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform. Bitcoin was the currency that changed hands.

But what stumped the police was the innocuous supply chain. Concealed beneath layers of chocolates and jelly candies, the drug was packed in baby milk containers. The package was then put in Amazon wrapping and delivered through a courier company.