'BJP rule more dangerous than Britishers, Mughals'

BJP reign more dangerous than Britishers and Mughals' rule, dividing Hindu religion: Hindu Mahasabha

Party's Parliamentary Secretary Dharmendra said BJP's divide and rule policy is more dangerous than that of Britishers and Mughals

Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha. Credit: Twitter/@abhmofficial

Hindu Mahasabha Karnataka Parliamentary Secretary Dharmendra said the Mahasabha would field its candidates in the next Lok Sabha polls for the development of the country and the preparations are in progress.

Speaking to media persons, here on Thursday, he said BJP's divide and rule policy is more dangerous than that of Britishers and Mughals. BJP which came to power in the name of building corruption-free India and Hindu nation, has indulged in caste-oriented politics. The government is trying to woo castes by forming development corporation.  It is dividing the religion on the basis of castes. If it continues, people would reject BJP in the coming days.

 He charged that the state is not witnessing development at all. The government which looted money in the name of Covid-19 is dividing the Hindu religion in the name of development.

He said many towns and cities in the country have circles or roads named after British officers and Mughal emperors. Similarly, there must be a circle named after Nathuram Godse in the country. The bust of Godse must be established without fail.

 He also alleged that the Centre and the states are misguiding children by calling Mahatma Gandhi as the father of the nation.

Mahasabha State Working President Rajesh Pavitran said the birth anniversary of Godse would be celebrated as Akhanda Bharat Sankalpa Diwas.  The mahasabha would extend support to state bandh called by pro-Kannada organisations on December 5 over the formation of Maratha Development Authority.

He also alleged that BJP is set to make Karnataka as the state of Muslims. So, the leaders must rename it as Bharatiya Jinnah Party, he ridiculed.