Dept gung-ho as green power output exceeds conventional energy

Dept gung-ho as green power output exceeds conventional energy

For the first time ever on Wednesday, generation of renewable energy was more than that from conventional sources, thanks to the temporary shutting down of thermal plants.

According to the Energy department, at 10.46 am on Wednesday, the total renewable energy generation in Karnataka was 3,434 MW, this was more than the 2,327 MW generated from thermal and hydel sources in the state.

Energy department additional chief secretary P Ravi Kumar told DH that 46% of the demand was met from renewable resources. It is likely that during this season, renewable energy generation will cross 50%.

Since the green energy supply is unavoidable to the grid, the department was forced to shut down its other sources. As a result, two units of Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS), four units of BTPS (Ballari) and one unit of YTPS (Yeramarus) were shut down.

“With this being the trend (increase in green energy generation) and with maintenance of the thermal and hydro units on the cards, more units will be shut down,” Kumar said.

In the wake of the increasing production of green energy, Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, in coordination with the Central Electricity Authority, is preparing the schedule to undertake the unit maintenance works.

G Kumar Naik, KPCL managing director, said increase in green energy was a good trend especially at a time where there is limited stock of coal. There is just three days' stock of coal for the thermal units. There is a stock of 36,000 metric tonnes in RTPS, 75,000 metric tonnes in BTPS and around one lakh metric tonnes in YTPS. He said as and when the demand increases, the operations of the closed units will resume.

Earlier, in May, the department decided to close down the thermal units as the demand for power had come down. The officials had said that since the pre-monsoon showers were good, the demand from IP sets and other commercial units had reduced.

According to the department, Karnataka generates 5,023 MW of solar energy (highest in India) a day and 4,600 MW of wind energy.


Peak demand on

* June 5 - 7,954 MW

* June 6 (at around 11 am) - 7,000-7,500 MW

* June 6 (8.20 pm) - 7,318 MW