A day after jamboo savari...

A day after jamboo savari...

Change of scene

Moreover, pin drop silence, that couldn’t be asked for the last 10 days, for the very place being the hub of festivities.

This was what the precincts of Amba Vilas Palace had to offer its visitors on Friday, a day after Jamboo Savari, that brought to an end cultural extravaganza connected with festivities. Similar was the scene from Palace to Bannimantap, the procession route that wasn’t short of waste, a challenge for sweepers to bring the stretch to its original form.

The only happening place in the immediate vicinity at Palace was at the temporary abode of elephants, mahouts and kavadis, without whom Dasara is hard to imagine.  There was a sigh of relief among the faces of most, for passing the acid test in Vijayadashami.
For them, it was also the day they wish for every year, to recline on the seat of haystack recalling the moment, sharing experience with their family members.

When Deccan Herald visited the spot, Thimma and Vasu, mahout and kavadi respectively of howdah elephant Balarama were the most sought after. The reason being it was their maiden jamboo savari in a bigger role and all wanted to know how it was on the actual field.

The men follk were busy sipping coffee or smoking beedi in groups, while women folk, majority young girls were busy fetching water. For kids, the pool usually meant for bathing pachyderms had turned into a playing arena.

There was also no dearth of a curious lot who wanted to get a look of the jumbos from a close-up, besides taking a picture or two from their cellphone cameras.

The colourful drawings on the jumbos hadn’t faded, as it was yet to be removed, a reason enough for the jumbos too to pose for a better picture.

According to veterinarian Dr Nagaraj for who too it’s his last duty for now with the elephants, all the visitors- pachyderms and families will return to their roots, the forests on Sunday (October 9).

Earlier to this, a grand treat awaits them with the district administration planning to host sumptuous lunch, a tradition practiced since the recent past.

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