Angry citizens of Kolar give ZP a 'special gift'

Angry citizens of Kolar give ZP a 'special gift'

Old pots, worn footwear and brooms

The protesters from various villages of the district gathered outside the Panchayat office at 11.45 am. They were addressed by former speaker of the Legislative Assembly K R Ramesh Kumar as well as other leaders.

‘No memorandum’
The officers of the Panchayat and other elected representatives have lost the right to receive the memoranda of the people, due to corruption, negligence and ‘even shamelessness’, alleged Ramesh Kumar and added, “We will, therefore, hand our requests to nobody here.”

He then read out the list of names of villages in the 19 gram panchayats of the taluk, which are facing water shortage. He also challenged the officers to ‘show some self-respect’ by taking measures to get information about the conditions of the residents of the villages mentioned.

“If you fail to do so, be ready to face the consequences, he warned the officers.
Speaking after all other leaders addressed the people during the two-hour protest, Ramesh Kumar said the government is worse than the old brooms, worn-out footwear and empty pots the protesters have thrown at the Panchayat.

Taking guard
“The citizens have taken a lot of effort to collect and carry the special gifts to be given to you. Therefore, please call the police officers back and make way for them,” he mocked the district administration.

Saying so, he himself made way for the protesters. Police officers tried to prevent him from doing so, but the residents of Lakshmipur rushed ahead and started throwing the old footwear, brooms and pots at the entrance of the Zilla Panchayat.

The police staff guarding the entrance were forced to move aside.Barely minutes after the energetic display of emotions, however, the protesters withdrew from the premises.