Chikkaballapur turns five today

Chikkaballapur turns five today

The joy of being part of a new district is fading away among residents

Chikkaballapur turns five today

Today, is a very special day in the history of Chikkaballapur district. It was exactly on August 23, 2007, that the new district of Chikkaballapur was carved out from Kolar, fulfilling the long cherished dream of the people of the region.

Six taluks-Chikkaballapur, Gudibande, Gauribidanur, Shidlaghatta, Chintamani and Bagepalli become part of the new district which was a culmination of decades of agitation. However, the joy ends there.

Though five years is not a significant period in the history of a district, sufficient development work could have been done. However, till today, most of the government offices function from private buildings lacking their own building. Most of the employees including officials commute everyday from Bangalore and have not shifted to the city. The only respite being construction of District prison and RTO.

Most of the residents feel that the district has been neglected by the successive governments and the elected representatives. The enthusiasm of being in a new district is fast fading away in them. Many residents felt that Ramanagara district, which was created during the same time was way ahead of Chikkaballapur in implementing development project and receiving funds.

The district is facing acute drinking water crisis and lacks permanent irrigation. People in cities as wells in the rural areas are severely affected by the drought. Many people, however, feel had the government taken necessary steps and provided funds, Chikkaballapur could have emerged as a model district. One cannot also overlook the rampant corruption in the government offices leading to the swindling of money.
Though many district in-charge ministers and Deputy Commissioners have come and gone, the district remains same with little development.

However, there is no dearth of promises and assurances from the politicians from both State and Centre. Most of them make a customary beeline to the district during elections and harp about the development activities to be implemented by them or their supporters, said farmers’ leader B N Munikrishnappa. He added that politicians were so polarised in their attitude to their supporters and party that they claim that the district could only be developed by them and hence people should only vote them to power. How can one expect honesty and dedication from such politicians, he questioned.

It is a tragedy that the moment people hear about Chikkaballapur, they think of water-starved region with rapid depleting groundwater, he added. It has almost become impossible to get rid of the ‘drought-prone’ tag.
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