Crops wilting in Kolar Gold Fields due to drought

Ragi, paddy, maize, groundnut, tur and cowpea are withering without rain in the taluk

Agricultural crops like ragi, paddy, maize, groundnut, tur and cowpea crops grown in thousands of acres in and around the Kolar Gold Fields are wilting without rain.

Ragi is grown in 15,864 hectares, paddy (2,703 hectare), maize (one hectare), groundnut (5,409 hectare) and avare and tur (2,996 hectare) are grown in the district. However, the failure of monsoon has resulted in 60 per cent of these agricultural crops wilting.

Though ragi and tur crops look healthy, lack of rains have affected the process of flowering.

Normally, the monsoon is weak in the district. But, the onset of monsoon, though late, had brought cheers to the farmers in the district.

Placing their trust on the rain, many farmers in the district had cultivated several crops. However, the rain failed when it mattered the most - that is during the flowering season.

Not till today

Farmers were expecting a decent rain in the month of September. However, it has not happened till today.

The crops, which looked good during the initial rain in the district, are now wilting under the hot sun, leaving the farmers in the lurch.

The disappointed farmers are now waiting with bated breath for rain, which would revive these crops and also their hopes.

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