District In-charge minister urges superseding of Chikkaballapur CMC

District In-charge minister urges superseding of Chikkaballapur CMC

Non-cooperation among members, misappropriation of funds cited as reasons

  District In-charge Minister of district Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan has urged the chief minister to supersede the Chikkaballapur City Municipal Council (CMC) and appoint an administrator.

According to sources, the Directorate of Municipal Administration has also recommended the Government to supersede the Chikkaballapur CMC. This has all the more strengthened the district in-charge minister’s suggestion to the chief minister.
Unfortunately, the City Municipal Council has been engrossed under one or the other controversy for the last one year.

An amount of Rs 15 crore had been sanctioned last year and an amount of Rs 15 crore has been sanctioned this year, under the chief minister’s town development project, for the development of the CMC. Thus, totally an amount of Rs 30 crore has been sanctioned to the Chikkaballapur CMC.

Apart from this amount, crores of rupees has been sanctioned for the implementation of the various projects for the development of the district centre. But so far, not a single development programme has been implemented by the CMC. It is surprising to note that an amount of only Rs 70 lakh has been spent under the chief minister’s town development project, out of the entire Rs 30 crore grants by the CMC.
This apart, there are other reasons which have contributed to the irregularities in the CMC administration and its functioning.

There is no proper understanding or co-operation among the members of the CMC. The elected representatives are often at loggerheads with each other. The power-hungry leaders are often quarrelling over petty issues.

Not much development
Not much has happened in terms of development and progress. Mindless arguments, confusions, petty politics have marred the image of the Municipal body.
Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan has asserted his decision to recommend the Government for superseding, by admitting that development was nil in the district. He said he was ready to bear the responsibility of achieving zero-development in Chikkaballapur.

Yet, he has asserted that he was not in favour of any political parties nor he wanted to encourage petty politics. He was neither prejudiced in his decision nor in favour of anybody. He had taken this decision with the sole intention of developing the district.
His only target, he clarified, was the progress of his district. He was committed to bring in a wave of progress in the district and he will abide by it, the mionister added.
“That which could not be achieved by the CMC members, I will achieve after the superseding of the CMC,” he said.
He further explained that though some development works have been implemented in the City, yet they are of sub-standard quality.

Water crisis elephantine
The drinking water crisis has turned elephantine with people crying hoarse. The CMC has failed in several aspects. It has not bothered to maintain the streetlights nor has it given priority to cleanliness and hygiene. The citizens are totally disillusioned with the CMC’s style of functioning.

Appropriate decision
The CMC members are solely responsible for all these blames. In the given circumstances, it was appropriate for the Government to supersede the CMC, the minister said.

The deputy commissioner has also informed the State government on the present status of the CMC and its functioning. He has explained to the Government the prevailing conditions in the CMC, he added. Sources in the deputy commissioner’s office have informed that this will only strengthen the decision to supersede the CMC.
Janata Dal (Secular) leader P Shrinivas had complained to the Directorate of Municipal Administration regarding the irregularities prevailing in the CMC for the last several years along with substantiating proof and documents.

 In this backdrop, the auditing officials of the Directorate of Municipal Administration had conducted an inquiry into the affairs of the CMC and had submitted a report stating that more than Rs one crore amount had been misutilised. After the submission of this report, almost all the development works came to a standstill. Shrinivas has urged the Government to once again conduct a detailed inquiry and then supersede the CMC. Based on the allegations made by Shrinivas, the Department of Municipal Administration has conducted a preliminary inquiry.

The report submitted the auditing officials was also reviewed which cited facts like sub-standard quality of works, misappropriation of funds, etc, etc.
Based on these reports, even the Directorate of Municipal Administration has also recommended for the superseding of the CMC, it is said.
Veerappa Moily’s appeal
Union Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs M Veerappa Moily has written to the chief minister urging him not to supersede the CMC. It is said, Veerappa Moily had bowed down to the pressures of local Congress leaders and had written to the chief minister.
At present the file related to supersede is with the chief minister. It is upto him as to what decision he will be taking in this regard.
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HC reserves judgement on no-confidence motion against president
The Karnataka High Court on Friday has reserved its judgement with regards to the no-confidence motion passed against Chikkaballapur CMC President M Prakash.
After the passing of no-confidence motion against the CMC president, a no-confidence meeting has to be called within a period of 15 days.

However, the CMC had violated this rule.
29th ward member Anasuya Nagaraj had filed a petition in this regard with the High Court stating that the no-confidence meeting had been called 15 days after the passing of no-confidence motion. Justice Ananda Bhairareddy has been hearing the case.
It is said that the lawyer pleading the case on behalf of Anasuya had argued that even the nominated members also had the right to vote for no-confidence motion in relation to the same case.

The CMC members and the citizens are eagerly awaiting the judgement of the High Court in this regard.