e-governance yet to gain momentum in Kolar

The objective of e-governance is to utilise the applications of software technology in administration and ensure quick and efficient service to the public.

However, it seems the district, located in close proximity to the captial, is aeons away from this system. Files piled up on tables and racks is a common scene at the offices here.

nformation retrieval

The officers have to rummage through files to lay their hands on any vital information they require. In fact, it takes considerable time to ascertain whether a particular information or file is available with the caseworker concerned or his manager.

Digging out more information has become a time consuming process. Coupled with lack of transparency and snails’ pace of work, an information-seeking public is surely at the receiving end.

Officers approach National Informatics Centre in the Deputy Commissioner’s office complex to meet immediate need of any information. Computerisation, the first step of e-governance is yet to be implemented here. Except a few, there are no computers in majority of the government offices.

“The affairs of the district administration are not being done only on paper. Computers and paper are being used for administrative tasks. Computers have been installed in some branches. Permission has been granted for computersation long ago and the process should gain momentum,” Deputy Commissioner N Prabhakar told Deccan Herald.

e-governance is yet to be implemented completely in the State. e-tenders are being carried out and computerisation of records is in progress, he said.

New version

However, the staff at National Informatics Centre have an altogether different version.  “We are ready with need-specific softwares. But, we need computers to instal the softwares. More over, every department has to have a computer account for successful implementation of e-governance. Majority of the departments in the district don’t have computer account and this is one of the problems for poor implementation of e-governance,” they point out.

Several schemes - Nemmadi, Integrated Health Surveillance Project, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme - are being implemented through e-governance only.

The process of computerisation and introduction of e-governance is in progress in Regional Transport Authority, District Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum and other offices, they said.

“In spite of all these measures, it is sad that e-governance is yet to be fully operational in the district. We still have to depend on the clerks and managers to obtain the required information. A swift move towards e-governance would make a big difference”, opined an officer who wished to remain anonymous.

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