Jayamma elected TMC president

  The JD(S), despite having more seats in the TMC, was put in an embarrassing situation as its own unhappy leaders ensured victory of the Congress candidate.

Jayamma Munikrishnappa of Congress has been elected president of the Town Municipality in Shidlaghatta. The election for the post was held after the JD(S) members moved no confidence motion against the party leader who occupied the post.

Of the total 27 members 17 voted for Congress candidate Jayamma, said Election Officer and Taluk Magistrate Reshma Tahasina. Jayamma was backed by eight from the JD(S) and nine from the Congress. The JD(S) having 18 seats in the municipality strongly believed that the president’s post would certainly go to the party candidate. However, suspecting certain party members supporting the Congress candidate, JD(S) district unit President M Rajanna had called a meeting of the party members a couple of days ago and tried hard to keep them under his control. Besides he had issued whip to prevent the unhappy JD(S) leaders supporting the Congress candidate.

However, his efforts went in vain as some of the eight JD(S) leaders including Rihanataj, Apsarpasha and Adil voted for Jayamma, in retaliation for their dethronement earlier by the own party members.

Jayamma Munikrishnappa, Suguna Laxminarayana, Abeebjan, Kamalamma, T Munikrishna, M Narayanaswamy, Syed Mohammed, Manjulamma, Chikkamuniyappa, Gourijan, Syedgouse (Adil), S Samiulla, Apsarpasha, Nasrintaj, Rihantaj, Hasintaj and Muktiyarpasha favoured Jayamma’s candidacy. Taken by surprise and anger over this sudden development JD(S) leaders D M Jagadish, J V Suresh, Prabhavati, S Prakash, Badri, Shafiulla, Salam and Siraj Ahmed boycotted the meeting and quit the place. 
Considering request by one of the JD(S) members Nalini Shashidhar that she voted for the Congress candidate out of ignorance, her vote was considered invalid later. 

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