'King of fruits' arrives in Chikkamagaluru markets

'King of fruits' arrives in Chikkamagaluru markets

Coming of the mango

'King of fruits' arrives in Chikkamagaluru markets

Mango, the king of fruits, has arrived at the markets in Chikkamagaluru. The mouth-watering varieties ‘Rasapuri,’ ‘Badami,’ ‘Sendhoora,’ ‘Malagova’ and ‘Thotapuri’ are seen flooding the market.

The fruit vendors were seen making a quick buck at Hanumanthappa Circle, Azad Circle, Thogarihankal Circle, M G Road, Ambedkar lane and others places. A few were selling the baskets in a cycle.

A kilogram of Badami mangoes was sold for Rs 120, while Rasapuri was available for Rs 80 per kg. Thothapuri was sold for Rs 60 per kg.

A fruit vendor Dhanu Nayak who was selling mangoes at Thogarihankal Circle said that he purchases mangoes from Belavadi, Kalasapura, Sindigere and Ishwarahalli. “Last year, good variety of mangoes were sold for Rs 40 per kg. This year the price has increased. The business picks up after it rains,” he added.


“In the last two days, I have sold around 200 kgs of mangoes,” said Sudeep from Sakharayapattana.

Another fruit vendor Jameer Ahmmed said that mangoes arrive from Mysuru, Tipatur, Ramnagaram and Bengaluru. “From Chikkamagaluru, Rasapuri, Badami, Sendhoor varieties are sent to Kerala, Mangaluru and other parts of the district.”

There is a demand for Badami and Rasapuri varieties of mangoes. The mangoes are cultivated on 4,000 hectares in the district. At the taluk-level, it is cultivated on 2,500 hectares in Tarikere, 500 hectares in Kadur and 800 hectares in Chikkamagaluru, said Horticulture department Deputy Director Poornima.