Kolar to get its own Cubbon Park soon

Kolar to get its own Cubbon Park soon

The forest at Maderahalli near Kolar which will be developed on the lines of Cubbon Park in Bangalore. dh photo

The main intention of constructing the park is to provide the much-needed breathing space for the people in the city.

The forest department has embarked on a project to have tree parks on 50 hectares of land each in the headquarters of all the 30 districts in the State and the park in the city is one of them.

A master plan has been prepared to lay the park on 226 hectares of forest land, at Maderahalli, eight km from the city at ‘B’ block of the Antaragange forest land. The department already has a nursery on a part of the forest land.

Efforts were made last year itself to develop the place around the nursery as an eco-tourism spot. With not enough vacant space around the city for the park, the Maderahalli forest land was selected for the project.

The forest land, which sits in the Antaragange hill ranges, has social, cultural and religious significance, besides being a favourite spot for trekkers. A project to develop the ‘A’ block of the Antaragange forest land into a ‘Devavana’ has already been prepared.

Gliricidia trees will be grown in large numbers in the tree park, as these trees help prevent soil erosion and retain the soil moisture. Information boards containing details and pictures of various plant and animal species from around the world have already been put up around the park area.

Cement benches, swings, slides and other playing accessories for children, resting shelters, toilets and other amenities are in place for the benefit of the visiting public.

There are also information boards about the butterfly species found specially in the district. Visitors also get an opportunity to go trekking on the hills in the backdrop of the garden.

Forest department officials say that a visit to the park will be an opportunity both for leisure and learning.