Let PM list out his govt’s achievements in Parliament: Shergill

Let PM list out his govt’s achievements in Parliament: Shergill

AICC spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill challenged Prime Minister Naredra Modi to discuss the achievements by his government for 15 minutes in the parliament.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Shergill said that the PM has no ability to discuss his own government’s achievements and unnecessarily drags Rahul Gandhi. He ridiculed that Modi behaves as if Rahul has attacked him and is demanding his Rs 15 lakh worth suit. He added that Modi is depressed as it is evident that his party is on the way to face defeat. He is interfering in Rahul’s personal life, he quipped.

He added that Congress government in Karnataka under Siddaramaiah has created 15 lakh jobs in the past 5 years. The youth of Karnataka talks about increase in packages and their pay scale, whereas in BJP ruled states such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, thousands of highly qualified doctors, engineers and post graduates are daily queuing up to seek Class IV and Class V posts. Modi’s Niti Aayog in February 2018 has itself admitted that India is plagued by ‘unsatisfactory jobs and underemployment’.

He said that the youths who supported BJP in 2014 have become BJP’s weakness in 2018. Youths who voted PM Modi and BJP to power in 2014 will ensure BJP’s defeat on May 12 in Karnataka and in 2019 across the country. Modi who assured two lakh jobs per year is now asking the youths to sell pakodas and make a livelihood. Sarcastically, the Haryana chief minister is asking the youths to sell pan. If at all the BJP takes over Karnataka, the youths in Karnataka should sell pakoda and pan to eke out their livelihood.

He said Modi while elaborating over his government achievements in bringing the poor into the economic mainstream in the politically rally in Udupi, has forgotten that his own friends, Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya looted the country’s poor people money of nearly Rs 5,20,000 crores and are absconding.

Sadly, the PM has forgotten that he is a Prime Minister and not a mere PRO and spokesperson of Sangh Parivar.

The Prime Minister does not have any right to rake up the personal issues of the Congress leaders.