Mysore Varsity presents ` 25.92 crore deficit budget

Mysore Varsity presents ` 25.92 crore deficit budget

Lions share for salaries, pension; emphasis on improving e-governance

The majority outlay is reserved for the wages and pension of the teachers and the administrative staff.

If the total expenditure is estimated at ` 119.53 crore, almost 61 per cent of the spending is allocated towards wages.

The government has released a block grant of  ` 60 crore as against the demand of  ` 105.46 crore from the UoM.

In the wake of rising expenses for the salaries, the university will go for cost-cutting, while making a humble allocation for the academic and administrative purposes.

The university has to adopt more cost-cutting measures to reduce the deficit, syndicate member Poornima Ravishankar -- who presented the budget-- said.

The expenses brought in by salaries and wages is estimated at ` 73.09 crore and ` 22 crore respectively.

The budget has made provision for paying arrears of about 75 teachers who retired after Jan 1, 2006, as per the UGC standards, contributing 22 per cent of total budgetary outlay.


During a discussion on the budget, Vice-Chancellor V G Talawar said the university would emphasise on e-governance and allocate about ` one crore towards realising the target for the current fiscal.

“Though, a tender was called last year for the implementation of e-governance scheme, it was not accepted by Government. We will have to adopt new norms calling for e-tenders. The scheme aims at speeding up the admissions, evaluation process and announcing results within 14 - 15 days of completing exams. It also includes providing students with smart cards,” he said adding that the project would be implemented in various phases.   


Of the major academic funding, the UoM has increased the outlay on evaluation by ` 1.48 crore compared to last year.

The hike in evaluation allowance and improving the infrastructure for providing speedy results would incur a total expense of ` 9.59 crore, Poornima said.

The miscellaneous expenses on support to handicap students, hostel management, replacement and repair of electronic goods, swimming pool management, scholarship for sportspersons and adding more infrastructure for sports would cost the UoM about `38.5 lakh. A separate allocation of ` 30 lakh is made for the post doctoral fellowship and ` 50,000 for campus magazine.

Welfare schemes

The university would utilise about ` 1.5 crore for SC/ST welfare and scholarship scheme. The scholarships for junior and senior research scholars would be increased by ` 1,000.

About ` one crore is set aside for the medical reimbursement for the employees and staff of the university, while the university health centres would get about ` 12 lakh for the purchase of medicines.

The UoM would spend about ` five lakh on imparting training to administrative staff in order to improve their efficiency of the employees and make them ready for the e-administration.

If the government block grant constitute 67 per cent of the receipt, another 28 per cent of the receipts is from the admission, affiliation, examination fee and income from university properties.

Revised estimates

For the year 2010-11, the government released a total ` 60.19 crore (block grant `45.19 crore and ` 15 crore as supplementary grant) as against the demand of ` 70.96 crore.

The total expenses from all the receipts is estimated at ` 103.89 crore.

Chamarajanagar Satellite Centre

The varsity has decided to start MBA, MSW and M Com courses establishing a state centre in Chamarajanagar, utilising the ` two crore grant released by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

In other sponsored schemes, the budget stresses putting on fastrack the Centre for Excellence in Biodiversity project, preparing detailed project report (DPR) for the use of ` nine crore from the Department of Science and Technology for the establishment of science park and development of Kukkarahalli lake under the sponsorship of tourism department and Lake Development Authority.

Budget pattern

* Total expenditure: ` 119.53 crore.
* Salaries: ` 73.09 crore.
* e-Governance: ` one crore.
* Evaluation: ` 1.48 crore.
*nfrastructure for speedy results: ` 9.59 crore.
*iscellaneous: ` 38.5 lakh.
* Post doctoral fellowship: ` 30 lakh.
* Campus magazine: ` 50,000.
* SC/ST Welfare and scholarship: ` 1.5 crore.
* Medical reimbursement: ` one crore.
* University Health Centres: ` 12 lakh