Government jobs still hold the sway, says survey

Government jobs still hold the sway, says survey

Government jobs still hold the sway, says survey

While jobs in the Information Technology and e-commerce sectors still attract many, the shine of jobs in the government sector, however, still has not waned, judging by the enrolments for various online courses for the government appointments.

Takers in metros
A survey released by Career Power, a exam preparatory portal for government and banking exams, has found that several thousands in metropolitan cities still aspire for government jobs.

The survey is based on the enrolments received by the portal for its various courses.
In Bengaluru for example, 37,95,903 people have enrolled for coaching programmes thus representing the high level of

This, however, is still not as high as in other cities. As many as 40,85,658 aspirants have enrolled for coaching for the various government appointments in Karnataka.

City in fifth spot
Bengaluru comes fifth in the ranking of cities in the country with the most number of enrolments for such coaching programmes.

New Delhi tops the list with 1,17,12,869 candidates followed by Kolkata with 57,22,412 aspirants, Hyderabad (49,48,938 candidates) and Mumbai (43,37,859 candidates).
So far as states are concerned, Karnataka comes fourth in the overall state rankings of candidates with the most number of enrolments.

With 82,49,669 candidates, Maharashtra is ranked second in the country, while West Bengal with 60,86,752 comes fourth. Tamil Nadu comes fifth with a total of 40,67,272 aspirants.
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