High pol drama unfolds atop Chamundi Hill

High pol drama unfolds atop Chamundi Hill

Resigned MLA A H Vishwanath waits outside Sri Chamundeshwari Temple, atop the Chamundi Hill, in Mysuru, on Thursday morning.

The ongoing mudslinging between the disqualified JD(S) MLA A H Vishwanath and KR Nagar MLA Sa Ra Mahesh hit a new low on Thursday. A political high drama unfolded atop the Chamundi Hill as both Vishwanath and Mahesh visited Sri Chamundeshwari temple, following a challenge by the former, on Tuesday.

However, it was devotees visiting the temple, who bore the brunt. They were made to wait for over an hour for ‘darshana’.

Vishwanath had challenged Mahesh of the JD(S), who had alleged that he was ‘sold’ for Rs 25 crore, to bring his ‘buyer’ to the temple and that he would wait there at 9 am. Vishwanath arrived at the temple 10 minutes before the schedule and offered obeisance to the deity.

Mahesh arrived at the temple by 9.15 am and went inside. He swore by goddess Chamundeshwari that he stands by his statement on the floor of the Assembly and that Vishwanath was ‘sold’ to the BJP. However, he did not meet Vishwanath, who was waiting outside.

After leaving the hill shrine, Vishwanath told reporters that Mahesh was a coward and an escapist. "Now that he has failed to produce my ‘buyer’ before me or the deity, it is proved that he has levelled a false allegation against me," he said.

He threatened to initiate legal action against Mahesh.

Mahesh, on his part, said, he was waiting for Vishwanath inside the temple. "I stand by my statement. I am not a coward. Vishwanath is a coward, as he did not face me. I do not want to see his face again," he said.