In a first, Mysore cops undergo transfer counselling

In a first, Mysore cops undergo transfer counselling

In a first, Mysore cops undergo transfer counselling

From now on, Mysore city police personnel seeking transfer will have one-on-one meetings with their higher-ups.

They will also be at liberty to pick the stations they prefer to serve, if posts are vacant there.
 The first of such exercises was held on Sunday when a total of 165 police personnel, including 139 constables and 26 head constables, attended the transfer counselling. The session, held at the conference room of the police commissioner’s office, went on till evening, with the counselling conducted for another batch of 32 constables who were promoted and transferred as head constables. 

DCP (law and order) A N Rajanna, who chaired the counselling session, told Deccan Herald that it was for the first time in the State police’s history that such a process was set in motion at the police commissionerate level. 

Rajanna, along with DCPs Kala Krishnaswamy (crime and traffic) and Jogalekar (CAR) and Assistant Administrative Officer of police commissioner’s office, Raju, counselled the police personnel. The initiative is aimed at ensuring transparency and curbing corruption and undue influencing of higher-ups from various quarters, Rajanna said. 

As per the procedure, constables who have served for six years at the same station were transferred during the day. All they had to do was to give a prior request, expressing their willingness to serve in three police stations in the order of preference. 

If there were no vacancies in their preferred stations, they were given a choice to choose among the police stations (barring the stations they have served in the past), with the number of vacancies and destinations displayed on the screen in the corner of the room. 

A head constable, who took part in the process, told Deccan Herald that he had actually sought transfer to another wing of the police. 

But since no vacancies were available there, he had to settle for another station located near his home. For another constable, it was a bit of hard feeling as he could not get the place (station) he waited for all these years.