Jog Falls will soon be a plastic-free zone

This was disclosed by Western Ghats Task Force Chairman Ananth Hegde Ahisara at a press conference here on Saturday. Steps are being taken to promote adventure sports in Mavinagunda forest area, he added. He said an information centre will be set up in Jog. The centre will also provide information on other tourist spots, he added.

Awareness drive
In Shimoga the department officials said that a proposal has been made to appoint volunteers, who will educate the tourists at the entry point. Dust bins to collect disposable plates and plastic bags can be kept at regular distance, they added.
In the absence of scientific solid waste management practice, Jog Falls the famous tourist spot where river Sharavati takes a breathtaking plunge from a height of 829 feet turns into a garbage pit during monsoon.

Deputy Director of Tourism Husseni told Deccan Herald that 12 lakh tourists visited Jog Falls in the year 2009 and the influx of tourist is increasing at the rate of 10 per cent every year. During weekends from August to October the inflow of tourists will be 30,000 to 40,000. The existing infrastructure is unable to sustain additional inflow of tourists.

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