'Climate change global, contemporary problem'

'Climate change global, contemporary problem'

Speaking after inaugurating the programme on “Awareness on climate change through art” organised by Manipal Institute of Communication at MIC Auditorium on Monday, he said climate change is a problem that begins with us and the solution is solely with us.

The role played by the old population at around 1830 itself created havoc, since then there was relentless increase in world’s population. The impact of nearly 7 billion world’s population on globally sustainable environment is highly unimaginable, he added.

“India recorded about eight per cent decline in annual rainfall since 2008. Monsoon can no longer be relied upon. The global environment scenario is changing rapidly,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, MIC Honorary Director Dr M V Kamath said media plays major role in conveying the message of impact of climate change. He said media is responsible to convey to public and government that some things are not necessary.

“We take everything for granted. No media is concerned with people’s problem. It is all entertainment and not education and information. Media should speak about these impacts as loudly as possible. We are in a position where utmost damage is done,” he said.

Motor boats cause maximum damage to our fishing. Western Ghats is one such region in the world where 25 to 30 rivers originate and flow towards sea. Each river takes maximum organic material with it, said Kamath.

MIC Director Professor Varadesh Hiregange said there are two camps today across the globe, one endorsing development fundamentalism and the other environment fundamentalism.

Media should understand the nuances of climate change, or else it is sheer failure of the profession. Media is the interface between people, scientists and government, he said.