Pomp, gaiety mark Huttari celebrations in Kodagu

Pomp, gaiety mark Huttari celebrations in Kodagu

Codava National Council (CNC) president N U Nachappa harvests paddy in the field belonging to Uttappa in Chikkabettageri village near Kushalnagar, as a part of Huttari celebrations on Friday.

The Huttari festival was celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Kodagu on Friday.

Even though flowers, fruits and vegetables were expensive, the people were seen enthusiastically purchasing the items.

The ritual of ‘Nere Kattuvudu’ was held at Padi Iggutappa temple (Napoklu) at 7.15 pm. The paddy sheaves were harvested at 8.15 pm, followed by the distribution of prasadam.

The devotees carried paddy sheaves harvested from the field of Omkareshwara temple (Madikeri) to their houses. ‘Teppotsava’ and ‘Pallakki Utsava’ were held at the temple.

Traditional rituals were observed at ‘Ainmane’ (ancestral homes). Prayers were offered by placing fruits and paddy in a basket. 

Later, paddy sheaves were harvested after offering milk and honey to the field. After firing in the air, paddy sheaves were carried to the houses, while the people sang the traditional ‘Poli Poli Deva’ song.

A mass meal was held after offering puja to the barn which is used to store paddy at various places in the district.

‘Puttari Namme’ highlighting the relationship between mother earth and Kodavas was celebrated in Kushalnagar as well.

‘Namme’ was also organised by Codava National Council (CNC), at the residence of Nandineravanda Uttappa in Chikkabettageri village.

CNC president N U Nachappa and members, clad in traditional Kodava attire, took part in the mass Huttari celebrations.

Prayers were offered for the peace and prosperity of the state.

The rituals of ‘Nere Kattuvudu’ and ‘Kadiru Tegeyuvudu’ (paddy harvesting) were also observed.

Cultural programmes like ‘Kolata’, ‘Pareya Kali’ and ‘Chowkata’ were organised on the occasion.

The Kodavas also danced to the tune of traditional music.