Narendra Modi accuses Congress of indulging in ‘lollipop politics’

Narendra Modi accuses Congress of indulging in ‘lollipop politics’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that development was his only agenda for the Karnataka Assembly polls. ANI photo.
Modi also accused the Congress of playing caste politics during elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Congress of spreading lies and false propaganda, while he also charged the party with indulging in ‘lollipop politics of caste and religion’.

Addressing party candidates, office-bearers and elected representatives on NaMo app, the prime minister said parties feared discussion on development as it was measurable. “Development is not an issue for those who do caste-based politics. They give a lollipop of fake promises to a particular community and then do the same with another community the next elections.”

Modi began the interaction by welcoming party workers in Kannada. He was apologetic about not being able to learn the language. “I am sorry, despite having interest, I could not learn Kannada.”

The prime minister said the BJP had a three-pronged agenda for Karnataka — development, fast-paced development and all-round development.

He said voters had resolved to usher in a new government in the Congress-ruled state. “Sensing this, the party has started a debate on a hung Assembly. Such false propaganda was spread even during the previous Lok Sabha elections, which the BJP won with an absolute majority.”

He said a government that could win an absolute majority was needed to change Karnataka’s destiny. “And the BJP is the answer.”

Rattling off the figures about development works undertaken by the Centre in Karnataka, Modi accused the Siddaramaiah government of stalling those works and spreading falsehood.

“In four years, the Congress constructed 20 lakh toilets. We built 34 lakh toilets. In Karnataka, we have initiated development works worth Rs 14,000 crore,” Modi claimed.

He said the mainstream of India’s political culture was associated with the misdeeds of the Congress. “Unless we liberate this mainstream from the Congress culture, we cannot cleanse Indian politics.”

Seeking to strike a chord with the workers, Modi said: “Like you, I am also a karyakarta from Karnataka. I am also a Kannadiga. Believe this and move ahead. I will work shoulder to shoulder with you.”

Modi took questions from three MLAs — Suresh Kumar, Sashikala Jolle and Sunil Gowda — on issues concerning farmers, urban infrastructure and the party’s election agenda.