'BSY has not said anything objectionable in audio clip'

'BSY has not said anything objectionable in audio clip'

Housing and District incharge Minister V Somanna. (DH photo)

Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa has not said anything objectionable in the audio that has become viral on the social media, Housing and District incharge Minister V Somanna said.

Speaking to media persons here, on Saturday, he said, Yediyurappa is a towering leader of the party and supreme leader of the state,  who is also a good human being. "He is pained by the plight of the 17 resigned MLAs who are now facing disqualification. All that he has said is that the BJP government could be formed as they resigned. It is unfortunate that the audio was leaked and it went viral on the social media," he said.

Somanna added that it is unfortunate that the words of concern by Yediyurappa is being misused by vested interests. "Regarding the leak of the audio, which might be the handiwork of some partymen, the high command will take a call," he said. 

Reacting to the criticism of Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah that the achievement of the 100-day old state government, lead by Yediyurappa, was a big zero, Somanna said, Siddaramaiah should be his own self and not try to appease the Congress high command. "To be objective, let him introspect the achievements of his first 100 days as CM. Since his swearing in, Yediyurappa is plagued by the floods affecting most parts of the state. However, Yediyurappa has been handling the situation effectively," he said.

In response to the allegation by Siddaramaiah that transfer of government officials has become a money spinner for ministers and those in commanding positions in the government, Somanna said, let Siddaramaiah look back and see what happened in his own government. "Personally, as minister, I have so far, in the past 100 days, not signed a single transfer order," he said.