Did Siddaramaiah pull the trigger?

Did Siddaramaiah pull the trigger?


The swift political fallout in Karnataka involving MLAs from both the JD(S) and the Congress parties has left many puzzled.

While it was replete with all that only a few beleaguered leaders would rebel against the ruling coalition, the rapid turn of events on Saturday was a shocker for many, as the fallout was triggered by those said to be the close confidants of former chief minister Siddaramaiah.

The resignation by the MLAs close to Siddaramaiah has not only set the tongues wagging in the political circles of the state but has also thrown up suspicion whether Siddaramaiah knew about the rebellion for some time. Evident to the rumours, Siddaramaiah had always argued that continuing in the coalition government would neither bring in gains personally, nor would it help the Congress party in the state.

In fact, Siddaramaiah had revealed the same among his close circles before the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls. Sources in the party also revealed that he had blamed the coalition for the poor performance of the party in the Lok Sabha elections during his meeting with Rahul Gandhi. He had even told his close confidants that he would become Opposition leader in the State Assembly from 10 June onwards. Further, Congress MLAs and ministers in the coalition government had always expressed that Siddaramaiah should be made the chief minister yet again. However, sources close to Siddaramaiah have revealed that he would realise his dream by July 10.  

But leaders from one of the factions of the state Congress opined that this could be a bargaining tactic and if all goes well, Basavaraj, Somashekhar and Munirathna may withdraw their resignations.

Kharge to be brought back to state politics?

The Congress leadership is purportedly toying with the idea of bringing veteran Mallikarjun Kharge into Karnataka’s politics as one of the possible ways of diffusing the ongoing crisis. It is speculated that the party has conveyed this message to loyal MLAs, who have resigned, that Kharge, a Dalit, can be made the chief minister since they want a Congressman at the helm of the coalition. “No one will oppose a Dalit CM, and no one will dare topple a government headed by a Dalit,” a leader pointed out.

(Translated from Prajavani by Niranjan Kaggere)