'H D Kumaraswamy suffering from political insecurity'

H D Kumaraswamy suffering from political insecurity: C P Yogeeshwara

Credit: Facebook/CPYogeeshwara

Continuing his tirade against former Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, Minister for Tourism, Ecology and Environment C P Yogeeshwara said that he will urge the BJP senior leaders and party high command not to have any alliance with Kumaraswamy and JD(S).

“The JD(S) took our help to elect Basavaraj Horatti as the Legislative Council Chairperson. On the other hand, JD(S) joined hands with the Congress in the Mayoral election in Mysuru.

“We should not believe Kumaraswamy. Already, BJP in the past had experienced bitter experiences by entering into an alliance with Kumaraswamy and JD(S). Any alliance with the JD(S) will affect the growth of the BJP in the future. There is ample of opportunity for the BJP to grow in Old Mysuru region,” he added.

“Kumaraswamy does not have any political stand and commitment. He and his party adjusts according to the situation that benefits them,” he alleged.

Stating that Kumaraswamy is suffering from political insecurity, Yogeeshwara said as a chief minister, he failed to nominate for the Boards/Corporations. “He was selfish while being in power. Now fearing losing the ground, he is engaged in attending all the small programmes which is organised by gram panchayat members,” said Yogeeshwara.

To a query on H D Kumaraswamy’s statement that those involved in gambling and illegal business led to the toppling of the JD(S)-Congress coalition government in Karnataka, Yogeeshwara said “I do not play cards or engage in gambling. I have photographs of Kumaraswamy playing cards and engaging in gambling,” he said.

“Their number was less. When their number was less how could they withhold the weight,” he said while referring to the JD(S)- Congress coalition. “We (BJP) had majority and came to power in Karnataka,” he added.

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