Karnataka Speaker warns of administrative 'shutdown'

Karnataka Speaker warns of administrative 'shutdown'

Legislative Assembly speaker K R Ramesh Kumar. File photo

Legislative Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar has warned of a 'shutdown' in the administration of the State, if the finance bill is not passed before July 31. "If it is not passed by then, even salaries of government employees cannot be paid," he said.

Noting that the next government has agreed to convene the session in the next few days, he said that a BJP delegation had met him regarding the issue. "They discussed the issue with me and will hold the session in the next 40 hours," he said.

The Bill was not passed as the coalition government led by JD(S)'s H D Kumaraswamy could not prove its majority in the Assembly and lost the trust vote on July 23.

To a question regarding the Supreme Court petition, he said that there were no directions from the Supreme Court or deadline to accept the resignation of MLAs. "It is left to my discretion," he said.

On whether the MLAs will appear for enquiry on their resignations, he said that it was a 'closed chapter'. "I had summoned them. Their lawyers had appeared on their behalf. After they resigned, as per Article 190 3(B), I had to enquire about their resignations. They did not appear and I have sent a notice," he said. 

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