Leaked BS Yediyurappa video: Full transcript

Leaked BS Yediyurappa video: Full transcript

As the drama behind the leaked video clip showing Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa flares, with the opposition attacking the BJP for orchestrating the fall of the Congress-JD(S) government and the BJP defending Yediyurappa's statements as him expressing his sadness at the plight of the 17 disqualified MLAs, here is the full transcript of what the alleged video says:


"Today, the way you all spoke was very rude. I don't think any of you spoke like you want the government to continue. You know that the decision regarding these 17 MLAs were not taken by me or other leaders in Karnataka. National President of the party handled this and made them stay in Mumbai, where they were put up for 2-3 months, away from the electorate and their family members. They have been fooled for trusting us. Not a single one of you is speaking in their favour.

Whether we will win the byelections (in December) it doesn't matter now. But, currently, the situation is very serious when the opposition is trying to defame the ruling party and are making all efforts to disqualify the recently resigned MLAs through Supreme Court. But, we (BJP), which has the opportunity to run the government for the next three and a half years, I sense our own party members not seem to stand united. No one has said I support MLAs 'Come What May'.



Everyone is making controversial speeches and hurting MLAs. What if you were there in their situation and what would have you done. I don't know the prominent people here in the dias or MPs in the Lok Sabha have in their minds. There is no need to debate about it now. I will discuss with them separately.

I am pretty sure, whatever we talked here in the meeting, will reach media. You guys yourself will do it and I am 100% sure of it. 

You spoke ill about Laksham Savadi (for making him DyCM, despite he being a losing candidate in the 2018 Assembly election). Bharamagouda Raju Kage(BJP), who lost by 33,000 votes in 2018 assembly election is openly berating the party leadership. 

Doesn't the rebel Congress MLA (Shrimant Patil), who resigned to help us form government feel fooled and betrayed? Savadi is an exception and central leadership will take care of it, but did anybody came forward to stop Raju Kage making controversial statements.

Don't you think it will hurt the party image? I never expected this kind of trash talk in the media from all of you (MLAs in the meeting). I am sorry to say this. I never wanted to become CM now. I had already been three-time CM. The intention I have is the BJP comes to power and so that we serve the Karnataka state. I have no personal ambition.

Without understanding the current predicament of the Karnataka state and the people (affected by floods), why are you guys making such rude statements?

Why are you people not talking of Gokak constituency? Everything you all have said, I will share your opinions with the central leadership. I am not in a position to take any decision, but the central leadership will take the final step. 

Whatever you all said and the manner in which it was conveyed today in the meeting was very rude. I myself feel guilty of appeasing the rebel 17 MLAs to resign and form BJP government. I am feeling bad now. I never expected my party MLAs talk so rashly in the public and I am sorry to say this, but I am very disappointed with your behaviour.

I will convey the message to the central leadership and the party president. I hope whatever we spoke stays within the confines of this room and you all will be doing a good deed for me.

I feel I made a mistake attending this meeting. Karnataka chief (Nalin Kumar Kateel) has spoken and we will bring all your concerns to the notice of the central leadership. 

Whether we lose or win (in the byelection) is another matter, but has anyone party member has voiced support for the rebel MLAs. Despite making the sacrifice, don't they feel stupid now. After trusting us, they resigned. They stayed in Mumbai for months alone without any contact with family members and supporters.

We stayed silent for so many days, waiting for the Supreme Court judgement. We now have to wait till November 4 or 5 for the final verdict. There is 99% chance that the resigned MLAs may get the chance to contest in the byelections. I hope it will be a positive outcome for them.

The situation is that there is a tough chance for the resigned MLAs to win back their respective constituencies in the byelections. But, I will try my best to try to turn the tide in our favour. 
But, with your rash talk hurting our chance to continue the government. Even the senior leaders are not helping by making similar statements. Since the early days, I have never spoken this harsh to my party men. I never felt this bad ever and never expected bad behaviour from the members. Okay, you all spoke your mind. it's good that Karnataka state president is here. Me and the president will convey your message to the party high command."