Artisans busy preparing Ganesha idols

Artisans busy preparing Ganesha idols

Kumbara Ishwarappa giving final touches to an idol of Ganesha in Tarikere.

With just a few days left for Ganesha Chathurthi celebrations, the artisans in the town are busy in giving the final touches to the idols of Gowri and Ganesha. 

Artisans Ishwarappa, Mahadevappa and Puttappa in Kumbara Beedi are engaged in making idols. On average, they prepare 2,000 Gowri and Ganesha idols in a year. 

"We start preparing idols four months in advance, to cater to the demands of the people. The clay is collected from the lakes surrounding the villages. After kneading the clay, the idols are given a shape using coir. We cannot knead the clay using legs for preparing idols. It is not easy to knead the clay in hand."  

Moulds are used in preparing the idol. Spray compressor is used for spraying colour to the idol. Only watercolour is used for the idols as the local authorities have directed artisans to prepare eco-friendly idols. 

Youth demand Ganapathi is various forms like 'Ganapathi on the shoulder of Anjaneya,' 'Shiva Swaroopi Ganapathi' and so on. People come from outside the district to purchase the idols from these artisans. 

Kumbara Ishwarappa said, "It is not easy to get clay. We have been continuing the tradition of making idols with a belief that it will usher in good times for the family. The cost of colour and other items to has increased."