‘Brain Quest’ unlikely to be organised from next yr

‘Brain Quest’ unlikely to be organised from next yr

Brain Quest, instrumental in building scientific temper among the students, is unlikely to be organised from next year onwards.

The science and technology fair-cum-competition organiser and E-Skool Director Poornima Kamath told DH that she preferred to wrap up the programme, introduced 15 years ago.

Poornima, a scientist settled in USA, has been returning to her native town every year to organise the fest in MGM College.

She cited personal reasons for her lack of interest in continuing the fest. The scientist gushed on having succeeded in sharing her passion for science at all levels of education, transcending barriers like English and Kannada, urban and rural.

Keen on ending the journey on a satisfactory note, Poornima said as every good things had to end, she had decided to end the programme.

She told DH that it was the responsibility of teachers to take ‘Brain Quest’ forward.

Expressing satisfaction on what she had accomplished, Poornima said the quality of scientific temper in students had improved over the years.

She was able to get quality projects when compared to the past.

Through out the journey she had impressed students that science was not all about models but research.

“Research is essential for the students to understand the depth of science,” she added.