Bride, groom take part in cleanliness drive

Bride, groom take part in cleanliness drive

Shivu Puttur and Suma Kodikal take part in the cleanliness drive near Urwa Press Club in Mangaluru on Sunday.

The cleanliness drive was carried out at Gandhinagar as a part of the Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan on Sunday.

The Shramadan was flagged off in front of the Urwa Press Club with Vedic invocation in the presence of Swami Ekagamyananda.

Shivu Puttur and Suma Kodikal have been participating as volunteers in the Abhiyan for the past four years. It was a special day for them as it was their wedding day.

Speaking on the occasion, Suma said, “Swacch Mangaluru is our dream. If we have to realise the dream we have to put in all our efforts. I feel proud to be part of the Abhiyan for the past four years. As we had never missed volunteering in the Abhiyan on any of the Sundays, we wished to participate in today’s Abhiyan before proceeding for the marriage hall.”

Former MLC Capt Ganesh Karnik said, “Inaction of good people is more dangerous than bad actions in vile. Realising this, the Ramakrishna Mission led a group of volunteers who were united with the same intense concern to do good to society and formed the crux of the volunteer group of this Abhiyan. The Ramakrishna Mission has set an example for all.”

The bride and groom led the team of volunteers in cleaning the main road and the sides of the Urwa Main Road. Cleanliness was carried out in Gandhinagar 4th Cross, in front of the Gandhinagar Government School, the surroundings of the Pentlandpet Circle, the drains along the Urwa Main Road, the footpaths and the road dividers.

The volunteers also removed the dirt, garbage, sand and stones.

The students of the Nitte Physiotherapy College, under Mehboob Khan, cleaned the campus of the Press Club in Urwa. Overgrown grass and weeds were cleared using a weed-cutting machine. More than a tipper full of garbage was cleared off the front of the Gandhinagar Government School.

The volunteers also placed pots with flower plants in the spot and will be guarding the place day and night to discourage people from littering further.

The worn out direction boards near the Press Club, Gandhinagar Road, Gandhinagar board near Ladyhill Circle, Gandhinagar 7th Cross board near Pentlandpet and Matadakani Road boards were repainted.

Children’s Park on Police Lane at Pandeshwar was n ruins and ignored for several years. This park was in dire status, covered with dirt and garbage. The playing equipment in the park was rusted and the park had turned out into a haven for drunkards and beggars.

The park is being renovated by Ramakrishna Mission.

Now, the entire park is being cleared of dirt and garbage and the compound walls have been decorated with artwork to suit children. The outer walls of the compound have been painted with messages for a healthy society.

New playing equipment will be installed, interlock tiles will be laid and saplings will be planted in the park.